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CEO's Greetings

CN-EGS, since its foundation in 1981, has enjoyed continuous growth based on the corporate philosophy, which commits us to making a contribution for the protection of people's lives and property from fire.

CN-EGS as a company dedicated to advancing fire safety with its highest technology and superb capability of field installations exerts every effort to save lives and protect people where they live and work.

The company, besides its ceaseless efforts to offer innovative fire safety services, has a goal to become a global leading company as a comprehensive manufacturer and service provider in the fire fighting equipment field. In this context the company, along with the R&D center of its own, has initiated an excellent technology exchanging network with universities and external research/development institutions, which is enough to nourish an envisaged commitment of the company to provide safer life environment through problem-free state-of-the-art fire safety products.
As such, CN-EGS goes its own way with its zealous efforts to contribute to the development of the firefighting industry and make better the quality of people's living. Whilst cordially welcoming your continued affection, attention and advice to us, we CN-EGS family promise you to provide highest quality products, differentiated construction service and other servicing activity to your satisfaction.
Thank you.
CEO/President Lee, Rae-Jin 
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