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R-type analog receiver

R-type receiver

CNS-3100 (R-type analog receiver)


It is designed capable of displaying to LCD data on various detectors/equipments the receiver works on, as well as fault situation such as power loss, errors in CPU, relay communication or print. It receives signals indicating the status of fire detection, device manipulation and operational condition, and diagnoses/displays impaired conditions such as circuit disconnection, short circuit, relay failure, etc. It also monitors unserviceable device condition and abnormality of communication.

Manufacturer CN-EGS
Type No Su-13-1
Backup battery Ni-Cd 7200mA 7200mAH
Operational voltage AC 220V 60Hz
Communication type Two Wired Analog Loop, Polling Address
Model type DC 24V, semiconductor type, digital type, LCD type
Ambient condition -10℃~50’C, 90%RH (non-condensation)
Max links 30 systems as default, up to 60 at a maximum
Nominal accumulation time 30 seconds
Size 600mm(W) * 2000mm(H) *600mm(D) (H wheel included: 2000mm)
otal number of relay outputs that can be accommodated 150 relays/system
Color 5Y7/1 (tailorable to customer need)
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