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Fixed temperature heat detector


Fixed temperature heat detector


This type with in-built CTS, a high-performance semiconductor sensor, reacts to activate the receiver by detecting fire when the surrounding air temperature exceeds specific temperature.

Manufacturer CN-EGS
Operational voltage 24V DC
Class 1 Type common-type, restorable type, non-waterproof type
Through current 24V DC / 50mA
Color White
Number of links per circuit 50 or less
Attachment height for detection area less than 4m - 60㎡ / 4m or higher to less than 8m - 30㎡ (in case of fire-resistant construction)
Ambient environmental conditions: temperature -10℃~50℃ / relative humidity: 10%~90% (non=condensation)
Size 110mm(Φ) * 50(H)mm
Weight 150g
Lamp in alarm state flashing red LED
Type No Gam-10-28 (Approved/certified as fire safety product)
Model CND-100F
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