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Photoelectric smoke detector


Photoelectric smoke detector


This type of detector works by optical (scattered light) detection using infrared LED; in the event of a fire the photoelectric smoke detector senses scattered light generated by smoke particles that enter the chamber, which then sets off the horn in the smoke detector. In this product is an insect-proof net attached to the outer part of the chamber to minimize non-fire alarm generation due to insect or dust.

Manufacturer CN-EGS
Operational voltage DC 24V ±20%
Class 2 Type common-type, restorable type, non-waterproof type (non-accumulation of heat type)
Through current 24V DC / 50mA
Color White
Number of max links per circuit 10 or less
Attachment height for detection area less than 4m - 150㎡ / 4m or higher to less than 15m - 70㎡ (in case of fire-resistant construction)
Ambient environmental conditions temperature: -10℃~50℃ / relative humidity: 10%~90% (non=condensation)
Size 110mm(Φ) * 43(H)mm
Weight 112g
Lamp in alarm state flashing red LED
Type No Gam-10-30 (Approved/certified as fire safety product)
Model CND-100S
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