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Analog heat detector


Analog heat detector


When ambient temperature rises beyond the preset increase rate, the heat sensitive element held to the detector reacts to heat in a way of inflating air therein, causing the diaphragm to be pushed upwards and the electrical contact to activate to make signal lamp to light up and send fire signal to the receiver.
Prevention of non-fire alarm generation: Erroneous non-fire alarming is minimized by make air to be leaked to the leak hole in the case of low rate of rise in temperature.

Manufacturer CN-EGS
Type smoke type, heat type
Operational voltage 24V DC ±20%
Type common-type, restorable type, non-waterproof type, analog type
Through current 24V DC / 0.8mA
Color White
Number of links per circuit 150 or less
Attachment height for detection area moke type: less than 4m - 150㎡ / 4m or higher to less than 8m - 70㎡ (in case of fire-resistant construction)
Heat type - less than 4m - 70㎡ / 4m or higher to less than 8m - 35㎡ (in case of fire-resistant construction)
Ambient environmental conditions temperature: -10℃~50℃ / relative humidity: 10%~90% (non=condensation)
Operational specification smoke type - nominal smoke detection concentration 4%/m~16%/m
heat type - nominal operation temperature 30°C~90°C
Size 110mm(Φ) * 38(H)mm
Communication speed 9600BPS
Communication type Two wired Analog Loop, Polling Address
Type No Smoke type: Gam-13-13; Heat type: Gam-13-15 (Approved/certified as fire safety product)
Model CND-200S (smoke type), CND-200H (heat type)
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